Monday, June 30, 2008

Birthday, Camping, Football weekend

This weekend was a busy weekend. Friday night we had 2 birthday parties to attend. One was Bentley's who turned 3.(Eric's girlfriend Shannon's little girl.) Marcus had done the closets in this house a few years ago. Such a small world. This house was amazing. You know what kind of a house when the neighbors house is on the market for 2.5 million. It was a lot of fun, the kids went swimming till about 10:30 pm. They would have swam longer but we had to get ready to go to Florence in the morning for Marcus's game.
On Saturday we got up and left the house at 8:00am to head towards the Royal Gorge where we were camping that night after the football game. we went with Zach and stef, Adam, Issiah and his girlfriend. Neil who plays on the team, who is responsible for Marcus wanting to play so bad. But its ok we love Neil, my kids call him uncle Neil. Marcus's cousin Shane and his family meet us up there and Eric and Shannon also were meeting us up there later. We were only allowed to have 3 tents on our camp site so we were all going to have to share tents. It was interesting. In my tent was my family, Neil, Eric, Shannon and Bentley. 3 grown men who all snore, not a whole lot of sleep for me but the kids slept through it.LOL
We were going to do the Royal Gorge but we were all to cheep.It was going to cost me over a $100.00 for my family so we didn't do it. We went swimming at our campground instead. That night the boys played the Havoc team. They won 37-7. After the game we went to sonic which was the only thing open and those poor people who had to get us a whole bunch of food.(6 kids and 12 adults. (5 that are Samoan). But we did have a great time and did enjoy spending time together camping and swimming.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Finally got around to getting a blog. Marcus has a my space page where family and friends can keep up with his life, but we all know that I'm way more busy than he is and can't keep caught up with everyone so I hope this will help everyone feel like more apart of our family on a more regular basis.
I'm enjoying the kids being out of school for the summer. I was thinking that we are going to have so much time to do things, but thats never the case. Lilliana is competing in gymnastics for the first time this summer. I love it so much. Coaching her is the greatest,(she may not think so). She is doing really well, she has had 3 meets and has now qualified for regionals in the all around. Marcus is busy playing semi-pro football. He begged me to play so I finally said yes. But I do enjoy the games. What could be better than taking the kids with a back pack full of food, sitting in the stands with the sun beaming down on you and cheering on a bunch of old guys who just want to hit someone. Oh yeah I forgot and I even get to wear the jersey to show my support my wonderful husband. Just when you thought you were done with high school. haha