Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Girls first track meet

Well Eddie finally convinced us to put the kids in track this year. I figured why not add one more thing to do on Saturday's. Between gymnastics, football and now track I have about an hour in the day that I am not sitting on bleachers. It's wonderful. No really, I do enjoy it and think it is all worth it. Practice for track is Tuesday through Friday from 7:30-9:00am. We are still trying to get use to that early morning. The girls have loved it so far. They were so excited for their first track meet. It was at Hinkley High School. Leilani did the baseball throw so we did have to be there around 8. And of course Lilli last race was the last race of the meet. Leilani took 4th in the baseball throw, 50 yard relay and the 50 yard dash. Second in the 100m dash. She was so excited about 2nd place. I was so proud of her. Lilli took 3rd in the 100m dash and 200m dash. Her relay team took 1st. They had her run the 3rd leg. When her team mate got to her they were in 3rd/4th place, as Lilli got that baton, she was off. She ran that corner so fast. She passed all the other girls and got her team into first place. It was so fun to watch. Kainoa and Jaedyn also ran. Kainoa is so good at long distance. I think he took 3rd in the 800m. He just loves to run. Jaedyn likes short distances like my girls. He took 1st in the 100m dash. It will be fun to watch their progress as the summer goes on.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Damage

My flower bed in the front yard
My garden. Well what's left of it

This is what my tomato plants now look like

After being gone at the Sandoval's for about 4 hours, I was surprised to be driving home and noticing all of the hail that was still laying around. Turning onto my street, there was hail, branches, and leaves everywhere. Our front yard still have about two inches of hail in places and my flowers were completely covered in hail. I knew if it looked this bad in the front, my backyard had to be worse. I was right. When I saw my garden I wanted to cry. My tomato plants were broken and shredded. My garden is a mess. Will it come back? Not sure, only time will tell. My flowers aren't flowers anymore. I started to pick things up and then decided I would deal with all of it later. Just wasn't ready for all of that yet. But at least we are all safe and sound, that is what matters the most.

Hail Storm

As we started to leave today for the Sandoval's house for lunch, I was noticing a huge cloud over my house that just didn't look right. I told Marcus, those are clouds that can produce Tornado's. As I started to drive away from my house, (literally 3 houses down) it started to hail. We pulled over under a tree to protect the truck. Now hail storms around here usually last around 5 min or less. I started calling Vycci after 15 min, telling her we were right in the middle of the storm and couldn't see enough to drive, so we would have to wait it out. Marcus noticed the clouds moving, so we were trying to see if we could see any funnels. But the weather was so bad we could see anything. It was then the radio was announcing Tornado's, and to take cover. The only cover we had was the truck under a tree. Not so good and not so safe. It was Vycci who kept calling telling us to start driving and head towards them. Both Marcus and I got out of the truck to try to push the hail off of the truck and to switch sides so Marcus could drive. When I stepped out my whole foot was covered in the hail. It looked like it had snowed. We finally was able to start driving. Cars were stuck all over the place. The streets were flooding. It was crazy. By the time we passed Tennyson, it was barely raining. You would have thought we were in a different state. But we did make it safely to the Sandoval's.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

8 Years of Marriage

I know that I have a lot of catching up to do on my blog. But since yesterday was my anniversary, I thought I would post that first.
It's so crazy that it has already been 8 years. Marcus's boss asked him, How long have you been married? And how old are you? People are always amazed how young we got married and that we are still married. I guess that is the worldly way to think. Last night as Marcus and I were looking back and reminiscing about the years. I was realizing how much growing we have done together. I'm so blessed to have Marcus in my life. He is everything to me. I often think about where I would be today if I hadn't found him, or should I say if he didn't find me. When I meet Marcus I was at a crossroads and wasn't sure which way to go. I Know the Lord blessed me and Lilliana by giving me the chance to have a wonderful man in my life who would take Lilli as his own, carry the Priesthood and who would to take me to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity. My faith has been able to grow through Marcus. He is so strong and has always known the church to be true. I want him to know how much I love him and are so greatful for all things he does for me. I can't wait for the future and all the many more memories we will share together.