Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stevie and Sarah's Wedding

We were able to attend our friends wedding on Friday night. Leilani was their flower girl. She looked so cute. It was a Hawaiian theme wedding so Leilani fit right in. I must tell that when it came time for her to walk down the isle she did not want to. I gave her that look of death if she didn't start walking at that moment. She did, her face was so red from embarassment. But as she started walking she decided to put her hips into it and throw the flowers with a little diva attitude. People started cracking up. I've never seen a 7 year old butt sway from one side to the other like that. It was one of those moments as a mother you just bow your head and not claim her. haha
JK I would always claim Leilani, she is just so funny and does funny things. But everything went fine. Marcus and I both love weddings because it gives a chance to dance for hours. And we do dance the whole time. Lilliana won the limbo, I must say she did do it the right way, I didn't realize she could bend so well. Gymnastics is paying off. She was so proud of herself. She won a pineapple.

Colorado weather

It's so amazing how it can be in the 70's one day and by the next we are in the middle of a blizzard. This past Thursday we got a good foot of snow. We woke up to no snow but I guess the school district was smart because they canceled school anyway. I should say I didn't know the schools were canceled until my wonderful sister called just after 6:00am to tell me they were closed I guess we know how happy she was. I was never able to go back to bed. Thanks Vycci. LOL
Well by 9:00am it was horrible outside. Marcus was able to finally make it home just after 3:00pm. It took him just over three hours to get home. His boss gave Friday off. YEAH!!!!! After Marcus got home we did take the kids sledding. I figured we might as well use the sleds they got for Christmas since they haven't got a chance since we haven't had any snow since then. The Laws, Eddie and the kids meet up with us to go sledding also. We had a blast. This was the first time we have taken the dogs with us. All they did was run up and down the hill chasing the sleds. It was good exercise for them.

Friday, March 20, 2009

St. Patty's Day 2009

I normally don't take pictures on St. Patrick's Day, but since I do have a blog I figured why not. I made the kids green pancakes in the morning. Which is a tradition. I always make different colored pancakes for different holidays. The kids love it. This year the girls not only wanted to wear green but wanted to wear green from head to toe. Luckily I talked them out of it, because it didn't match at all.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tristan for the weekend

It just happen to work out that both Clayton and Nicole needed someone to watch Tristan this past weekend, so I was able to have him Friday to Sunday. We had a great time with him. On Friday they all built a fort(blankets were every where). Then after dinner they wanted to watch a movie in my room, so we let them. It was funny that I would check on them and the girls were sleeping and the boys were still try to mess around. Thank goodness they finally fell asleep. (not till after 11)
It wasn't until I was ready for bed that I realized all four kids were asleep in my bed and I would have to move all of them to go to sleep. Yea, wasn't going to do that, so Marcus and I slept in Lafai's room which at least he has a queen size bed. Not as good as my king but it worked. But believe me they slept in his room the next
On Saturday the kids had a primary activity to go to at 10:00am. I let Marcus get them ready because I had a garage sale to go to at 9:00am. It's a big one that is only twice a year. I had to be in line for it at 8:15am. Crazy I know that's how it sounds. But well worth it I promise. Anyway I picked the kids up and Tristan kept telling me how fun church is. He didn't realize church is for three hours the next day. haha
Saturday early evening we got to take the kids for a bike ride. Since we only have one small bike, Tristan and Lafai had to take turns. After a few turns they were both tired and didn't want to ride anymore. They just wanted to run. I don't know what was easier, running next to them as they rode the bike or pushing that little Tigger bike as they ran ahead of me.haha
After washing all of the dirt off them in the shower, they wanted me to take pictures of them in their underwear. So of course I did. Just so that I could post them on my blog.
They went to sleep by 9:00pm. It was so nice and quite.
Tristan did get to go to church with us. He has gone a couple of times and always has a good time. I gave him a fo-hawk(not sure how you spell that) using lots of gel and hair spray. He kept looking the mirror saying "I look good today" . Oh he makes me laugh. But he did look good. It's always nice to have him and I take him whenever I get the chance.