Thursday, August 6, 2009

Glendo camping trip

Marcus's birthday was on the 27th of July. Work has been really tough on Marcus these last few months, so he took of Mon and Tues of the week of his birthday and we packed up and went to Glendo, Wyoming for 3 days. Luke and Crystal came. Luke plays on Marcus's football team. We have become good friends with them. We have wii night with them all the time. Also Ammon and Jonni came. Because we went up on a Sunday, there was hardly anyone there. It was so nice. We got a little cove on the beach all to ourselves. Made my life alot easier since our dogs came for the first time and they don't get along with other dogs! (except Luke brought his dog. But they ended up doing fine. They just had to keep testing each other.)
After we get set up we started dinner.( it was about 9pm). It was all going well till our little camp site got taken over for about 2 inche beetles. Not sure where they were coming from but they were huge and they hissed at you. The kids were scared. Lafai was freaked out big time. Finally I had to take them to the tent to put them to bed. That night I only got a few hours of sleep cause my kids kept waking up thinking there were bugs on them. It was so fun. lol
Monday morning which was Marcu's birthday, I made eggs, potatos and bacon. Then we played in the water all day. It was so fun. I can't count how many time I got dunked between Marcus and Luke, but it was a lot of fun. But of course the rain blew in early evening and the wind was terrible, it blew our tent over. As it was raining, lightning and thondering we were trying to hold our tent up but we were loosing, so I had to get the kids to the truck because of the lightning so we decided to wait it out then fix it. Well......... when we got back to our ten it was over and it had flooded. We had about 6 inches of water on the inside. Everything got wet except one pillow, the kids own special blankets and our bag of clothes that was protected by all the other sleeping bags. I thought this meant we would be going home, but no. Marcus always finds the good in something. Which is good. I think. He cleaned eveything out, hung stuff up. I went to the Maring for more paper towels and stuff. When I got back round two of the rain storm had just ended and where did I find my husband? Yes, thats right in the water trying to ride the waves. But my tent was standing and dry on the inside. One of our poles had split but it was still working to hold the tent. So then we moved on to Marcus's dinner. For Marcus's dinner we had London Broil, pasta salad, pinneapple and more. Since It was his birthday of course we had to sing. Instead of taking a cake up there, I took those grandma cookies. The ones with the colored icing. Put 2 candles in one and 8 in another and sang. After wards we made a fire put our sleeping bags around the fire to see if we could dry any of them. Which we ended up with 4 sleeping bags and only the one pillow. Marcus and I didn't sleep much, since we were on the hard ground. But the kids slept all night long. It sure was the most perfect trip, but we had a lot of fun and Marcus sure needed the time away for his birthday.