Saturday, July 26, 2008

4th Annual Water World Trip

Once again our trip to water world has now come and gone. We go ever year for Marcus's b-day. We had a group of 25. We went around 10:00 in the morning. First we went on the family rides so that the little ones could go. Then we were able to have Mamo and grandma Chris watch the little ones so that the big kids could go play for a while. It's so nice to have grandmas and grandpas around to watch the kids. It gives us such a good break. Thank you Mamo, Terry and grandama Chris for your help, we really appreciate it.

Micheal relaxing. The kids kept giving him a work out

Dylan, Marcus, Luke, Erica, Chris,and Vycci watching the kids go around the lazy river

Ben, Leilani, and Mamo hanging out in the kiddie area

Lafai enjoying the lazy river that is made for kids. It is new this year.

Neil thinking that he can fit in a kids inter tube. But then again no life guards yelled at him so he stayed on and went around the kids lazy river for a long time.(it was his favorite ride.)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Daddy's Helpers

Marcus wanted all of us to go to work with him yesterday(Wednesday). I did take the kids so that they could work for dad today. The idea was is that we could help dad get work done so that he could off early on Thursday and we could play, and he already has Friday because we are going to Water world for his birthday which is on Sunday. Also the girls had there build a bears taken away for fighting so they could also work those back and then maybe they could earn some money. They did work. Dad had them moving piles of wood to the dumpster, carrying boxes full of metal handles to his office, and even sweeping up saw dust off the floors.(not so easy since it blows every where.) He even had me running a drill machine for him. Not sure what he was thinking. But we did have a nice day with dad. The kids liked being able to be with dad at work, since thats where he's always at. They girls worked back their build a bears and still earned $5.00 each. So I guess it was all worth it. Before we left dad took them out for a ride on the little go cart. That was the best part of the whole day.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lilliana's Regional Gymnastics Meet

Lilli had regionals for gymnastics this Saturday. Broomfield was the host team. It was held at Legacy High School. She did so well. Danny,Vycci and family was there, grandma Rolayne, Mamo(Marcus's mom), Terry(family friend), John and his parents, Ginette and her kids and of course dad, sister and brother were all there to root her on. Well and me MOM and coach. I think I was more nervous than she was. This day took me back to my younger years. She was on bars first. She did the whole routine including the front hip circle that she has never made this year. But she also did an extra back hip circle at the end which she was deducted a whole point for putting in a extra trick. Oh well.
Beam was second. everything went well. She didn't stick her cartwheel which she should have because all she had to do was bend her knees just a little.(she sticks at least 10 in practice every week).
Vault was ok. She said "mom that vault was not good, I bent my knees and hit the mat hard." It wasn't her best. Today she had it on floor. The biggest thief jump I'd ever seen. She did her back bend all together, we have been working on that for two weeks solid. She got it in practice on Tuesday. Lilli scored an 8.3.
As the ribbons came out Lilli learned that she did not place at this meet. Only the top 6 girls go to state. It bothered me that she was upset. I remember that feeing of not placing. I tried hard to talk to her about how it's not about how you place but about how well you did for yourself. Bars and Floor being the best she'd done this year. Thats what important. I'm not sure that's what she wanted to hear, considering that my parents gave me that same speech at some point in my life time. I guess Lilli will look back and laugh when she's giving it to her daughter someday. Lilli went and found Aunti Vycci, who is always next in line to mom and dad, and was able to hold her and talk to her and tell her "it was ok to be mad,your mom and I don't like not to take first either." Growing up in my family we were taught don't cry get up and work harder and beat all of them next year. I remember my mom telling me the story of when I went to regionals or state and all the other girls had metals around their necks and I said I want one of those and my mom did the speech of how not to get your hopes up and it's really hard to place and I told her that NO I was going to have one and that was it. The next year I won State in the all around in my age group. I'm very proud of Lilli. She is a hard work and loves gymnastics. I can't wait to see how she will progress through the next year.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

JULY 4th

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Today we had a 4th of July breakfast with some friends and family. Then we went to Shannon's parents house to go swimming for the afternoon. We had a lot of fun swimming and being in the sun. The boys were trying to teach us girls how to do certain dives. We did ok. Then Shannon had made us popcorn from one of those REAL movie popcorn machines. It was so good.
Uncle Eric and Lafai

Lafai got very comfortable jumping onto the turtle without his water wings. Good thing he didn't fall off, he can't swim!!!

Bentley, Leilani and Lilliana

Later that afternoon we went to Marcus's parents house for a bbq and to watch fireworks. They live in the Lone Tree area in Highlands Ranch. The park by them puts on a little carnival thing but the only way to get in is if you have a special bracelet. Ariane was able to get us some so that we could take the kids in. The kids got to go in jumping castles and big huge slides. They also had a petting zoo. So there was tons of stuff for the kids to do. Where we got to watch the fireworks from was only about 100 yards from where they shot them off from. It was the best 4min of a firework show I'd ever been to because we were so close. That was before the field where they shot them off at went up in flames. A firework went off too low and the rest is history. The weird thing was is that there were no fire trucks in sight. So by the time they got there the fires were pretty big and they called the rest of the show. So that was that. So instead we went back to my in-laws were everyone was doing the illegal fireworks and watched those instead. Marcus just rode his long board up and down the street for a while. I guess that kept him busy since he didn't have his own illegal fireworks to do.

July 3rd

Well it's taken me a few days to post our 4th of july holiday weekend. On the third we had decided last minute to watch fireworks from our roof because Edgewater shoots their fireworks off the night before the 4th. So the Laws came over and so did Eric, Shannon and Bentley. We ate on the roof and watched the fireworks through the trees. It was pretty cool. As long as your not afraid of heights.(Liesl and Shannon) who we had to help down the ladder. Later that night the boys went long boarding and us girls just hung out for a while. Liesl was smart and went home close to 1:00am. Shannon and I stayed up till 3:00am, not so smart.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

summer fun

The last few days have been a little crazy. I've been watching my nephew Tristan. Lafai and him are the same age. It was like having twins. Those 2 made me laugh so much. One day they asked me at 9:00 in the morning if they could have a popsicle. Of course I told them no it was too early. But they got me good, that night there were 5 opened popsicles in the drawer, melted. I spent an half of hour cleaning it all up and all I could do is laugh. The second thing they did was that they got Marcus's hair ties and were trying to shoot them up in the air. But one time Lafai did it so high it got up on the roof and they thought that was the funnest thing ever, so of course they went and got more and tried to shoot as many of them as they could. Boys!! They are so different then girls, in so many ways. They just get into so much more trouble then girls do.
Today Vycci and the kids came down to play today. We let the kids jump on the tramp with water. They had a good time. I'm so glad that Nicole has me watch Tristan when she needs a babysitter. I just have to remember the sunblock every hour. Since April, when we played outside I didn't realize that Tristan needed sunblock and he got a little color(pale pink) don't worry nothing bad. Nicole informed me that Tristan was white and needed sunblock whenever the sun is out. Different from my kids, who get darker with 50 spf in 30min than I do all day. But anyway the kids had a great time enjoying the sun.