Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Wyoming vs Air Force

Michael got a full ride scholarship to the University of Wyoming, the Cowboys. As expected they red shirted him for this year, but a couple of weeks ago to our surprise they pulled his red shirt and he was to play. He plays nose guard on the second string. Our friends had tickets to the game which was at Air force so it was close to home. Lilli was with John so we only had Leilani and lafai. We took uncle Neil with us also. This was our first real college football game experience. We drove down with Mamo and BooBoo. Before the game they had all sorts of tents up with venders giving away stuff. The kids got footballs and we could hardly get Leilani away from the Radio Disney Station. She got learn dances and win cool prizes. But I must say the best was when the jets do they fly over right before kick off. It was amazing. Lafai was a little unsure of them because of the noise. But it was way cool. They also had 5 guys that parachute into center field. I've always wanted to jump out of a plane. ( life changes when you have kids).lol
Michael rotated in and out through out the whole game. He had a few tackles and got to hear his name read aloud. We are so proud of him and is doing so well. And growing so much. Marcus and I got him some Jordan's and I guess they aren't going to fit him very long, he is now in a size 14. Guess we'll have to look for new ones.