Monday, November 29, 2010


I am so happy to be writing this blog. I got the opportunity to be an assistant coach this year at Standley Lake for gymnastics. I have never had so much fun. It took alot of time and my family really didn't have a mom around. So it was an adjustment. But worth every minute. I am so thankful that I was able to make it all work and to be able to coach for a high school team.

Hallween 2010

The weather for Halloween this year was so nice. I wore only a sweatshirt around all night trick or treating. What a treat. The kids like normal had there Halloween parties at school. I was at Regionals with my high school girls so I was not able to attend. I have never missed a school anything so this was a little tough for me, but I couldn't be in 2 places at once. Marcus was able to get off work early and go and fill in for the both of us. He also had to do the ward Halloween party later that night alone too. By the time I got home he had no problem telling me that he does not want my job. All I could do was laugh. It was so good for the kids to have him and to be able to share that time together without mom.