Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Daddy daughter date

Marcus and Lilliana had their first daddy daughter date on Friday September 11,2009. Lilli was so excited to do something with daddy all alone. It was a luau theme. Dancing, dinner, games and more, what could be better. Lilli wanted her hair curly so I put it up in curlers for a while. ( but that didn't matter because she wanted daddy to take the top off the jeep). So her hair was all over the place. When they got home she kept telling Leilani how much fun she had, of course. What are sisters for. I'm glad they got to go. Marcus said he had so much fun. Next year he will have both girls with him.

Water Fountains

One of the very last things we did before the kids went to school was go to the fountains one last time. It was nice because we had Tristan with us for the day. So the kids went and played for a while and then we had ice cream at McDonald's.