Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fai made it to League Championships 2011

My Fai had a great wrestling season. He has improved so much. I am so proud of him. This year at Districts he took first place. He got a medal. Which he was some what happy about, but he wanted a trophy. I told him he only gets a trophy if he makes to Leagues and places in the top 6. Which is pretty hard to do. So he advanced to Regionals after Disrtics. At Regionals, he didn't wrestle as well as we are used to him doing. But we understood. He got Strep Throat 2 days before Regionals, so he was not feeling very well. Pretty tired through out the whole day. He took 4th that day, which meant he was moving on to League Championships the next weekend in Greeley. We were so excited for him. He has never made it this far. So last weekend we got a hotel and stayed in Greeley for his tournament. We had to be at UNC where the tournament was being held on Sat night for Weigh-ins. Then Sunday morning we were there at 7am to start wrestling. It was such a long day for everyone. Fai had won his first match and lost the second. So he had to wrestle his was back up to even think about placing in the top 6. I must say, I wasn't sure if he could it, there was some serious competion and it is hard to wrestle back. Besides he had already cried, had a nose bleed, (which, when he starts bleeding, he doesn't stop), so he was pretty beat up already. But sure enough he did. He won 2 more, which got him into top 6. He lost the last one, so in the end Fai took 6th. He wrestled so hard. He wanted that trophy more than anything. He could of cared less that he was 6th in the state at 6 and unders @ 46 lbs, he just wanted to take that trophy home. And he did. He never gave up. Even with the crying and bleeding, he gave it his all. I could not ask for anything more. So it has been a few days, and he still carries his trophy around the house making sure we all know that it is his.


Of course we went to grandma and grandpa Mortensen's house for New Years Breakfast. I think we all look forward to this the most out of all of the holiday stuff that is going on. Grandpa and grandma always do such a good job feeding all of us. There is so much food and it is all so good. I am so grateful to still have my grandparents who live so close and are apart of my everyday life.


Marcus and I both wanted to do fondue that night. We weren't sure if it would be just us or not. But we told both of his brothers and his cousins that they could come if they wanted. To my suprise, they all called back and said yes we want to come. So we had a house full. We had so much fun. We did fondue, play the kinect dancing game, (which I just couldn't take it anymore, I tried one song but quickly realized that dancing with a walking boot on was too hard. Besides I wasn't strong enough to keep my balance without my crutches for very long.), then we played Rock Band, and of course counted down to the New Year. The kids were up with us adults till 2am. Lafai had more energy than all of us. It was so fun.