Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A lot of catching up to do

It has been so long since I've gotten a chance to blog. Lilliana has gymnastics tonight and I don't coach for 30 more min, so I thought I should write. I won't have any pictures to put on this blog for I am not on my computer.
We had a great Halloween. Friends and Family came to our house for dinner and then the we drove other places to go trick-or-treating. Leilani was little bo peep, she won the cutest costume award at her school. Lilli was fairy, and Lafai was a tiger.
We celebrated Thanksgiving at my grandmothers house and of course at Mamo's. A couple of days before Thanksgiving Lilli ran into a pole at school and broke her nose. She was in alot of pain for few days but got through it.
Marcus finally finished his football season in December. We traveled to Las Vegas the first weekend in December for his final game. This was their first lost all season, which was a bummer but they did a good job. It was fun to be there with all the Magalei's. Yannick(marcus's sister) drove from Utah to spend the weekend with us. We had such a good time there. Lilli got to celebrate her 9th birthday in Vegas. She thinks she's so cool for that.
Lafai turned 4 on the 16th. The Laws went out to dinner with us for that special night.
Leilani turned 7 on the 23rd. We always do the wild lights at the zoo, but this year nothing seem to work out and besides it was really cold. So she chose Red Robin for dinner.(I've taught her well.)
The kids did get a swimming party for all three of their birthdays on the 20th of december. I love going swimming in the winter. I know some people might think I'm crazy.
I'm going to try and get caught upon all of my blogging.