Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July 09

Since Ginette had baby Tayvin on the 28th of June. They didn't go to Utah like they usually do for the 4th of July. We were glad to have them here with us this year. Every year we usually do something big for the 4th. We've gone camping a few years in a row and had a day full of fun last year with my in-laws. This year was a little different. We weren't sure what we wanted to do. In the end we decided to invite people over and to let the kids swim in the pool, jump on the tramp, and just to hang out. Ginette and her family came with the new baby, The Bennett's and their 4 kids, Eric and Shanon came, Michael and Sam showed up, Ammon and Jonni, Eddie's parents showed up and my mom came also. So there was only a few of us but we sure did have a lot of food. Marcus wanted to try something new this year, so we did bbq ribs,(which were sooo good), brats, and hotdogs. I was in the mood to make different desserts. So I made a cookie pizza with a cream cheese layer with mandrine oranges and strwberries on top with drizzled chocolate on top. I also made a three layer pound cake with Raseberry jello/jam filling, with cream cheese/whipped topping mix and topped it all of with fresh blueberries and raseberries. ( My friend Mindi posted pics on her page because Marcus had left with the camera and we were getting ready to eat it. So I took pics with her camera.) They both turned out good and both looked so nice.
Ginette's kid and mine are into the movie "The Sandlot" one and two. So Eddie had arranged a baseball game in the dark with fireworks going off in the sky while they played. We bought all the kids light sticks and they went a played a game on a field by my house. They had so much fun. After they were done they came back to watch Uncle Eric's fireworks that he bought in Wyoming. It was a great 4th of July.
Uncle Michael scaring all the kids.
Baby Ruby Bennett hanging out her cute 4th of July dress

Elitches with the Family

Naia and Bentley
Marcus and Eric with their basketballs they won
All the kids with their prizes
Marcus enjoying his brat

Naia, Jaedyn, Lilli, Lafai, Leilani and Kaiona
Lafai and Jaedyn Kainoa, Lilli and Leilani underwater

Gordan works for Continental Airlines and they had a family day at Elitches. Gordan was able to get enough tickets for all of us to go. We took the kids to the water park first. We only went on one ride and then rode the lazy river. Other than that we played in the wave pool, (which is where I was able to take pictures of the kids underwater.) Marcus and I had to get a new camera, we found a water proof camera at Costso. It has been a lot of fun to play with. After the waterpark we got the kids ready and went to the dinner that they were serving to all the Continental workers and their families. Marcus, Eric, Shanon and Bentley showed up at this time. (Of course, just in time to eat, like always).lol Since my in-laws don't like to ride roller coasters and Ginette was due any day with baby, they stayed and watched the little ones in kiddi land and Marcus, me and Eddie took Lilliana, Leilani and Kainoa on the REAL roller coasters. I must say that I felt bad for Kainoa. He is a little unsure of things at first. He's not a risk taker. So as we were walking up to the Minderaser, he stated crying. I thought he was going to throw up and we hadn't even got the front yet. Marcus took him under his wing and said "you can go with me". Not sure that helped, but he did it. I was so proud of him. But It did scare the crap out of him and Lilli. Now Leilani on the other hand, was ready to run back in line again. We decided to make Lilli and Kainoa go again. Poor kids. Leilani wanted to ride in the front, so Marcus went with her, she loved it!! After that we decided to let Lilli and Kainoa choose the ride. They wanted the Twister. (Yea, the big old white one that sways back and forth when the roller coaster is going). I guess that seems better that going upside down. Well they like this roller coaster so much they rode it 7 times in a row. Eddie was next in line with 6 times, I made 5 and Marcus only went 3 times. I guess we are getting old. The room was spinning the rest of the night. It was kinda funny. But we did have a lot of fun. All the kids including Eric, Marcus and Eddie played games to win stuff. Basketball was the popular one. But everyone got something and everyone went home happy.This day was the start to Ginette's labor, Tayvin Michael Tamatoa came 3 days later.