Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day Of School 2010

I wanted to get these up right away but the week was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. With out going into too much detail, Lafai has struggled his first week of school as a Kindergartner. So that would lead me to say that I have too had a hard week. I would have never of guessed that things I struggle with in my life would come back at a time like this, but than again why wouldn't they. I guess I am suppose to learn something from this. So here I am taking it on and doing my best to make sure I learn from this experience and grow from it. Lafai is now on the 6th day of school. He still cries in the morning for my not to take him. He was able to walk with his sisters into the school even though with every step he turned around looking at me crying. What I should say that makes me the most sad now is that he tries so hard to be a big boy and not cry and even when he does he still looks at me with the "save me mom" look. I know as each day goes on he will get better and better and soon he will forget wanting me and I will be the one begging for him to hang out with me. I think about my nephew Issac who is in 5th grade and how my sister said he walked ahead of his mom and his sister. I guess that is where we will be one day. :)
Lilliana is in the 5th grade. This is our first year with a male teacher. She wanted Mr. Wilensky so bad. I guess she got her wish. It was a shock to my when we went to open house and her teacher was telling Marcus and I about sex ed. I forgot that happens in 5th grade. Am I ready for this? Well if not, I have no choice. I know Lilli will do great. I can't believe how grown up she is getting.
Leilani is now in the 3rd grade. Although if you see her you would think she is in 5th grade. She is getting to be so tall and weights almost 90 lbs. She is so beautiful. I love her curls. We hope this year will help bring some answers in why she struggles in school. Hopefully the tests will go good and we can start to help her more.
I sit here at hime with no kids with me. It is very wierd. I do miss them. I am too used to having someone home with me. I give Marcus a hard time that I am ready for another baby. (no I'm not announcing anything) I have just wanted another baby these past couple of years. So who know what the future holds but for now I will enjoy volenteering in all three classrooms.

Monday, August 2, 2010

1st time to State

So I know it has been along time since I have blogged but Hopefully I can do one or two through out the next few days to catch up.
But most important my Lilli made it to state gymnastics this year for the first time. She had the best meet at Regionals a couple of weeks ago taking 1st in the all around. She was so excited. For the last 2 weeks she has been busy at practice getting ready for state. What she didn't realize was how nervous she was really going to be. I tried to help her stay cool but in warm ups she crashed on vault and that seemed to mess with her head, as it usually does. I got her to get back up and keep going. When the competition started she was on vault first and did awesome. She scored an 8.3. Beam was next. Lilli is great on the beam, this day was not it. She fell 3 times. Lilli never falls. By the second fall she kept looking at me through out the routine and the final fall she looked at me with tears in her eyes. As a mom it is really hard to watch this. As for myself who did gymnastics I can really understand her pain and disappointment. I wanted to cry too. She had a hard time getting it together so I had to leave the floor and go sit in the stands for awhile so that the other coaches could get her to pick herself up and move forward. By bars she made her kip but fell on the squat on (has never fallen on bars before). But she was ok. She was ready for floor. She had a great routine but wasn't straight on the backhand spring and the back extension wasn't with straight arms. The judges creamed her for that. She scored an 8.15 and 8.4. (in regionals she got a 9.4). So the tears came back. I did have to get a little stern with her about sucking it up and moving forward. (isn't that what mom's are for, especially if they also are there coaches). Finally in the end Lilli took 4th on the vault. She received the medal she wanted. And I should say she did apologize to me for saying earlier that morning that" u only had took the gold medal for the all around one year, what could I tell her that would help"? I hoped she learned how hard it really is. I love her tons and was so proud of her. I can't wait to see what next year brings.Isaac, Marina and LilliLilli had lots of family there to cheer her on. Daddy, Leilani, Lafai, Vycci, Danny, Issac, Marina, Esaias, Ginette, Naia, Tayvin, Mamo, Terry, John, Nancy, Jack, and grandma Rolayne