Monday, October 13, 2008

Finally moved

I'm officially moved. This doesn't mean I'm setteled yet, but at least I am done with the truck loads of stuff. It has definetly been alot of work and time to move. We were able to refinish the hard wood floors. I thought tileing was bad that was nothing compared to sanding and cleaning up all of the dust before you can even lay the finishing stuff. But it looks so good. During this process I've realized how handy Marcus is. He can do so much more than I thought. I think he's been holding out on me because his honey-do list would be so much bigger and more intense. But really I am so glad to have such a wonderful husband who can do so much and take such good care of his family.
Well I guess I should write about our wonderful garage sale we had a few weeks ago. Holly, Steph Truijillo, and myself had all planned a garage sale. Zach and Stef were going to bring stuff and Liesl came to just hang out with us. Friday morning we were setting up and moving things around, pricing items doing all the fun stuff. The kids were all running around and playing, getting into things they weren't suppose to do. And of course it was my child (no not Leilani, this time it was Lafai). Tried to pick up one of his daddy's 45lb weight disk and dropped it on his left foot. I really am so used to it that Liesl ran and got to Lafai first and all I thought was I need my keys and the insurance card. I knew by the scream that we wee headed to the hospital. I will post pictures in a little bit after I figure out where my cords are to hook up the camera to the computer. I did leave everyone at my house around 10:30am to do the garage sale and I was off to the hospital. Lafai screamed for an hour and half straight. It was awful. He finaly fell asleep, thank goodness. We were there 5 hours and in the end he did not end up breaking his foot. Even though his foot was double the size, cut and bruised. He had trama to the bone,(bruising to the bone) which can effect the muscle and tendens. They put him in a soft cast but was not allowed to walk on it for three days. All that meant was I had to carry him around. By saturday night I was so tired. Lafai was in so much pain that Marcus and I took of the cast and found that his foot was so much more swollen. So we iced it for the next 24 hours. By the time tuesday came around he was walking on it but with no shoes. Our doctor was not convinced that it was broken so we had to go back in for more x-rays. Still it was not broken. His toes even bruised later. But now we're good. He can wear his shoes. Every once in a while it bothers him but we are so blessed that he healed so quickly. The doctor said he wouldn't feel better till the end of October. But I guess they were wrong. So another ER trip has come and gone. Marcus and I thought we were going to make it through 2008 without a ER trip, but I guess not!