Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The joys of buyng a house

Well as most of you know we have decided to buy our old house. Yes, the one on Gray Street that I moved out of a year ago. My in laws wanted to sell it and Marcus has always wanted to but that house so now he can. It's was only a week ago all of this was decided. So any extra time we have goes towards the house. We are remodeling the kitchen and redoing the hardwood floors. I am over the tileing. My hands are so dried out from the cement and grout.The kitchen floor has taken the whole week to finish and today I am sealing in the grout so we are done with that. Last night Marcus and I were there till 11:00pm sanding the hardwood floors. I'm learning to have patients with projects. I've never done these things before, I didn't know that it takes so long. Well I guess it will be worth it in the end. I will keep all of you posted as each day goes on. I will be posting pictures of the before and after. Most of you will see it anyway when you help me move. haha JK I'm trying to get everything done so that the Halloween party Holly and I have been planning will still work out. Dinner at my house and Desert and trick or treating at Holly's. Believe me I will make sure Marcus gets it done. I have to start decorating in 2 weeks. Nothing gets in the way of me decorating for Halloween. Or any holiday for that matter.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


The last year I have had three friends from work get married. I was a bridesmaid in one earlier this year. I didn't have a blog yet so I've never posted pictures from that night before. I was in Kristens wedding in April. I have never had so much fun doing wedding stuff before. It's great when your not the bride. Kristen is one of my dearest friends from work and I was so honored when she wanted me to be a part of that day. I wish Kristen and Andy the best in all that they do. So then Whitney was married on Friday night. Marcus thought that this was so cute because she married her middle and high school sweetheart. They have already been together for 7 years. Who would ever have thought you'd meet you life long companion at the movies in middle school? But they did and have been together ever since. Congratulations to them. Both weddings we haven't had to worry about the kids. (grandma or aunti has them). So Marcus and I take advantage of those moments and dance all night together. It's so nice to be with my husband and other adults as I am always with children doing mom stuff. But I am reminded of why we need our time to be alone and enjoy each others company. Being at these weddings have made me think of mine. The love I share for Marcus is indescribable. He loves me so much and has taken such good care of me and this family. This past wedding we were being asked a lot of questions about our beliefs in marriage and about the temple. I'm always unsure of how to say things, but I just spoke from my heart and I was able to explain the importance of the temple and why I love it and why Marcus and I were sealed for time and eternity. I had such a good feeling and my friends were so welcoming, I was surprised with how much they wanted here. I am thankful for those opportunities. I know that my testimony will grow and maybe I can one day teach my friends the gospel. Marcus, Me, Kristen and Andy at Whitney's Wedding the gymnastics crew Bride and Bridesmaids getting ready for the big event

Marcus and I at Kristen's Wedding

Summer memories

We finally got our computer back, so I have a lot of catching up to do. Especially with pictures. So I will be posting a few post to be caught up. First Marcus and the Grizzlies have continued to be undefeated. The won the state champion game verse the Flames from Colorado Springs a couple of weeks ago. It was a very close game we won with a touchdown in the last minute of the game. It was a very exciting game. Now they go on to play the New Mexico team on September 20 here in Aurora. I'm glad this one is not out of town. Good Luck boys!!

School has started once again. Lilliana is in the third grade. Her teacher's name is Mrs. Huerta. Lilli is doing ok. This year has all ready not been so easy. It has taken a lot of effort on mine and Marcus's to keep things going. Lilli has struggled with everything it feels like. I can sure tell she is my child because she stresses about ten things instead of one or at least taking one at a time. She has 45min of homework ever night, also doing gymmnastics 2 nights a week, having time for John(biological father), and still managing time with family has seem to been challenging for her. But we are working through it. I called my sister at least a couple times a day there for a week. Thank goodness for sisters. Always there when you need them the most.
Leilani is now in first grade and goes all day. She loves it. Mrs. Mitisek is her teacher. She is one of the sweetest teacher I've meet so far. I was worried about Leilani eating lunch at school cause she doesn't eat very well at home. I was right. There has now been a few times she does not get and chips or snacks with her lunch because the sandwich always seems to come home. But she is learning. I have to tell you a story about her. Two weeks ago Leilani had got left out on the playground at recess time cause she wasn't paying attention to her class.(surprise, surprise,) At the end of school all class if they earn it get an extra recess. Which means all ages mixed on the playground at one time. Just what Leilani needs older boys to play with. So of course she was playing with Kainoa and all of his friends who are all boys. Chasing, kicking, wrestling what else she can get away with. And the next thing she new the third graders were going in and that there were no first graders out. Now I'll give the recess duty teachers a litttle slack, Leilani is bigger than half the third grade class, so how would they now she is in first grade. Lilli had come home and told us what had happened. So I'm sure most of you could imagine Marcus(Ariane's child) flipped out. She got the BIG talk about boys and paying attention. Marcus and I laughed about it later on to ourselves. Leilani always keeps us laughing.
Lafai had a hard 2 weeks when the girls went back to school. I kept calling Marcus, telling him that going from 3 to 1 was suppose to be easier. But it was much harder. I didn't realize how much the girls entertained Lafai. Ginette took Lafai for me a couple days in a row. What a life saver. Things are now getting into a routine. I think he's realizing that he gets more stuff when he's alone with me.